Episode 075: Hock Guy


In this episode, the boys are back for more fun and frivolity as a new segment that may have some amount of future reoccurrence is launched!

We’re talkin’ about the latest developments and news regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe and everybody’s favorite Avenger Hock Guy and who may live and die in Avengers: Endgame, then we close out the show casting an old Mystery Incorporated.

We find out why Fitz can tolerate Doom and his…let’s go with antics…and then we learn that Fitz is a dick that isn’t cool enough to drive across state lines for a very sad and important reason, also more stuff and things happen and you gotta listen to find out what.

URL: Episode 075: Hock Guy
Direct Download: tnb075.mp3

Episode 068: Ooh-La-La


In this episode, the dudes are talking about this new wapp called YouTube and the channels and content that appear on said platform.

Doom & Fitz play professional wrestling booker as they talk about the most recent run of The Undertaker and how they would’ve improved and handled things differently.

They talk about a cartoon that one of them loved and the other just watched for the 1st time, and then they get off their nuts and answer some questions from listeners like @Joinedtofollow & @SMorgan21!

URL: Episode 068: Ooh-La-La
Direct Download: tnb068.mp3

YouTube Exclusive Mini Episode #1

Check this out, our 1st (of hopefully many) YouTube Exclusive Mini Episodes.
Only about 14 minutes long, give it a spin.

In this YouTube exclusive episode, Doom & Fitz are all a quiver for Star Wars Rogue One!

They discuss whether or not leaving the number out of the main saga films was a good idea and what they think of Rogue One potentially not having an opening crawl!

Get ready as we excitedly step ever closer to this whole new chapter of the Star Wars Saga!

Link: https://youtu.be/XKNpAhTxE0c