Episode 077: Off The Rails 9 – Who The Hell Is Robot Jones?

A1Q3xcyPZBLIn this episode, the fellas welcome back a special contributor as they open the show with their newest segment that quickly flies off the rails as they try to run down all of the Jones’ they know.

Joke Corner makes its triumphant return to the realm as we learn that over the years Fitz has been tricked into believing a truth that may or may not actually be true.

Then they try their damnedest to talk about the Disney/Fox buy finally going through, tackle some Avengers: Endgame speculation, and tease something they’ll be doing in an upcoming ep, so strap in and enjoy this…weird ep…

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Episode 023: Adamantium Nutsack


In this episode, the fellas hop in a time machine for an old time-y Pimp Spot that includes grease fires and razor blades.

The fellas play a quick game of Hangman to scratch ‘s game itch, discuss the Logan red band trailer, have a couple of tangents that they have to fight their way back from, and get creeped out by some freaky ass Doctor guy and his weepy friends.

All that and more as one of them hates a thing and the other sucks two dicks.

Cum join in the fun as we hurtle ever closer to our 1 year spectacular.

URL: Episode 023: Adamantium Nutsack
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