Episode 087: Dildo Bat

774f541f-8cf3-42c5-a2ad-75f7457e44bb.jpegIn this episode, we’re talkin’ about people what talk all fucked up and say words not the way you’re aposta be sayin’ ’em and such, for instance: toilet, wash, forty, Illinois, Arkansas, and Gravois.

Fitz brings a groundbreaking Pimp Spot from his kidhood to gush over, that leads them to talk about a terrible movie that had semi-decent parts, Doom has a very message for the audience (don’t tell Fitz) and then they talk about some fun comic bookery and comic strippery!

Then Doom starts telling stories he probably should have saved for a long series of Joke Corners, but Fitz touched a nerve and he couldn’t help but spill his guts, so here there be tales of fire, tree branches, sucker punchin’, ass whoopin’s, and more before good ol Fitz talks about the return of a detectiving Icon.

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