The Nerd Blitz Question Of The Week #100!

After ninety nine weeks of yammering about all aspects of nerdery, we have reached an incredible milestone (one of many this year), gang.
So gather round and tell your friends as we dive into the one hundredth installment of THE NERD BLITZ QUESTION OF THE WEEK!

This week, we’re going to be a wee bit masturbatory and ask: If You Had To Elevator Pitch The Nerd Blitz, Site And Podcast, To Somebody New, How Would You Convince Them To Check Us Out?

Leave your answer down in the comments below or tweet it over to us on the Twitter @NerdBlitzPod or by using the hashtag #TNBQotW

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Also thanks to everyone who has answered the past ninety nine questions, especially our most frequent answerers @TESDGroupie and (we hate to admit it) @JoinedToFollow.
Thanks for continuing to take part, gang.

Nobody has ever said “What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been”, Right?

Seriously, I just coined that phrase right?

7 years ago today I was bored on a car ride and made this dipshit little video.
If you had told me all the shit that would follow I probably would have said “AHHHH, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!?!?” mostly cause I can’t remember if I knew you way back then.

Over the course of the last 7 years everything has changed, for me personally and for the world at large.
In that time, I’ve gone from decidedly friendless, but I’ve made and lost quite a few folks that I thought were friends, I’ve said goodbye to family members, and I’ve watched things on this planet take dangerous turns.
Sometimes, it truly does seems like we live in the darkest of all possible worlds.

But for these last 7 years, to paraphrase Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, “I have tried, Ringo, I’ve tried real hard to be a shepard.”
I’ve spent hours writing, talking, recording, editing, worrying, and doubting myself, alone and with good Ol Fitz (& others), because the world (and life in general) can be a harsh, unrelenting, shitty place and it has knocked me and many others that I know and care for on our asses and dared us to stay there.
But most people, when they get knocked down like that, go looking for something to make them feel better.

5 and a half years ago, I wrote a piece for my TS-D/JA Productions blog titled Then Why Do It?, in which I explain why I kept going.
But just incase you don’t want to reread it, I will reiterate here just exactly why.
When you hear from somebody that they have had a shitty day and were the lowest they have been in a while, but that all changed because they read a dumb little book review I wrote and could feel my passion oozing through their screen, or they listened to a podcast and we made a joke that made them laugh for the first time in days, or they watched or heard a skit we put out somewhere and it gave them a little boost…that shit is powerful, man!

Selfishly, hearing shit like that pulls me up, even if only a little bit, from whatever I’m going through.
But taking that out of it, and to go back to what I used to say when I wrapped up almost every post on the old site, the world can be a terrible place so do whatever you can to change that, no matter how many people that hits.
I’ll keep trying to improve the day of the 50-60 people that regularly listen to the pod or read this site.

Alright, gang, WHORE TIME!

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The Nerd Blitz Question Of The Week #91

This week sees us hit 91 straight weeks of The Nerd Blitz Question Of The Week, but even more importantly, we are celebrating 4 years of podcastaroonie excellence…or mediocrity.
Let’s dive in and you can decide for yourself!

As we said above, this week is the anniversary of us launching this whole Nerd Blitz schtick.
Therefore, this week’s question is all about US!
We are jamming it all into one cause we want to know What Is Your Favorite Nerd Blitz Bit, Moment, Episode, And/Or Show From The Last Four Years?

Leave your answer down in the comments below or tweet it over to us on the Twitter @NerdBlitzPod or by using the hashtag #TNBQotW

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And, finally, thank you all for supporting us by reading all of the content posted here on the site and listening to the hundreds of hours of content we’ve put out over the years.
We truly appreciate the support more than you know, gang.
We hope you enjoy the big Four Year Show later this week and stick around for all the years ahead!

Episode 092: 1ACX01, BABY, 1ACX01!


In this episode, the fellers start by getting super dark and then slap on their deerstalkers and do some investimagationing in the most hardcore and nerdy way you can possibly imagine…like, seriously, they vigorously shake up the can and spray a thick layer of pussy repellent all over themselves!

As we do some intense time traveling, Fitz delivers a basement update that will leave you…mildly disturbed, Doom talks about a dead old lady and teases reading letters that illuminate an old Doom family battle, and then there’s hookers!

A old segment is officially given a title and an intro bump as Doom casts a Dan Shamble TV Show, and then they watch the first trailer for SCOOB! and do the deepest of deep dive investigative reports as they follow up on the production code story from last September’s Scooby-Doo 50th anniversary commentary, and then so much more, so strap in for what may be our nerdiest ep yet!

URL: Episode 092: 1ACX01, BABY, 1ACX01!
Direct Download: tnb092.mp3

The Nerd Blitz Question Of The Week #76

2019 is at its end, but The Nerd Blitz Question Of The Week is evergreen and continues to roll along.
So let’s ring in the new year in the nerdiest way we can, by answering questions!

2020 is here, motherscatchers!
But before 2019 lets slip this yearly coil, we wanna look it dead in the eye and ask: What Was Your Favorite Nerd Blitz Moment Of This Year?

Leave your answer down in the comments below or tweet it over to us on the Twitter @NerdBlitzPod or by using the hashtag #TNBQotW

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And as this is the final post of the year, we wanted to thank you all for supporting us and taking the time to read, listen, and engage.
This year has been the best for individual visitors since we launchedn We thank you all for continuing to check out all the news, reviews, and various other bits of nerdery we share.