The Nerd Blitz Question Of The Week #14

Tuesday is here, so time to get askin’!

This week’s Question ties into the bonus pod from last year’s smash hit audio drama The Laughing Bird: What’s Your Favorite Horror Franchise?

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The Real Exorcist

A couple months back on our Halloween episode, we talked about the real life “event” that took place in our hometown and inspired William Peter Blatty to write the bestselling novel The Exorcist, which would go on to be one of the most critically acclaimed (and frightening) horror films of all time.

This past week, William Peter Blatty died at a ripe old age and our local paper reprinted an article from 1988 that revisited the “event” and talked with surviving witnesses. 

URL: St. Louis Post Dispatch

Episode 015: Devil Dome

In this episode, things get spooky as these 2 frightful fools tell tales of spooky happenings in their haunted home town!

But first, Doom does a deep review of Batman: The Killing Joke for Fitz’s listening pleasure.

They break that down, talk a bit about a few Scooby related tidbits, then go into the dark side of St. Louis, including grade school rumors of cat piss laced pies. Bubbleheads, Monkey Faced Beer Boys, Creepy Spooky Devil Domes, County Hidey Holes, the real history behind The Exorcist, and their Steak N Shake orders.

Tell Declan to hit a thunderclap, cause The Nerd Blitz is revealing scary truths!

URL: Episode 015: Devil Dome
Direct Download: tnb015.mp3

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