Episode 097: Goddamn, You Are In A Mood

scoob-trailerIn this episode, betrayal is in the air, every where I look around…betrayal is in the air, every sight and every sound, and the stank permeates the entire opening 30 minutes of the show and sets us on a rageful path for the rest of the episode, and also fun happens…we swears it!

A brand new friend and his son stop by to promote a new project and it may or may not lead to one of the most disturbing things in Nerd Blitz history and as you may well know, loyal listener, that is saying quite a lot, also we learn what the primary mode of communication is for one of us!

Doom is in a pissy ass mood (shocking, we know) as we talk Scoob!, Star Trek: Discovery, and our recently launched Patreon as Fitz almost agrees to something that has been joked about for nearly 4 years and nearly brings the show to an end before we make it to our star studded 100th episode spectacular!

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