Episode 086: Oh Let’s Don’t

20190728_123258.jpgIn this episode, we’re strokin’ out while gettin’ grossed out, at least one of us, and trying to figure out just where exactly that fishy smell is coming from.

Fitz eats a random alien spawn that almost caused a projectile vomiting incident, then he finds a stash of bufferin, and he goes to FroYo, as Doom figures out that he hates something…shocking, we know!

Pimp Spots happen, famous people catch dead AND IT’S NOT FITZ’S FAULT THIS TIME, then a recent Marvel movie gets reviewed before we run down what’s coming in Phase 4 and more in this fast and fun ep of the only podcast featuring us and 70+ years of combined failure!

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TNB Commentaries 011: Blade Runner

bladerunnerPlease turn off your cellphones and join Doom & Fitz as the hop in a spinner and soar back to……..1 year in the future!

For our 11th commentary, we head back to 1982 for Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, & Sean Young.

The fellers talk about Star Wars again cause why not?, ponder legacy, tease a bunch of future commentaries, and try to figure out what the differences and influences of this movie and it’s various versions are.

So strap in and prepare to be “retired”.


URL: TNB Commentaries 011: Blade Runner
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