Episode 020: Turkey Baster 3-Way

saberboxIn this episode, relax and listen as the fellas bring you this laid back installment in which Fitz just woke up and Doom is ready for bed.

Doom brings in some Star Wars Episode 9 news, they talk about an Obi-Wan rumor that got Fitz all hot under the collar, they try to wade into the choppy waters that are the world of Tolkien (and quickly get in over their heads), then Doom gets all worked up over The Undertaker’s legacy being trampled on and other wrestling bits.

You won’t want to miss any of that OR the stunning conclusion to the Battleship epic!

URL: Episode 020: Turkey Baster 3-Way
Direct Download: tnb020.mp3
YouTube: https://youtu.be/wYWeBSuLDs0

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Episode 017: Off The Rails 2 – Dick Pillow


In this episode, close your tray tables and put your seat back in its fully upright position cause they’re going off the rails…again!

The epic struggle that is Battleship continues as they talk about Doom’s brain damaged laughter, Fitz goes to a comedy club, then they dive in and have a thorough conversation about the balance of The Force, take a look at an Ahsoka theory, and then they review Scooby Apocalypse Issue 4.

Prepare for one of the greatest moments in Nerd Blitz history as a special guest joins the fellas for a sudden outburst of brutal honesty and an extra long FΩ©k This S#!t.

All that and so much more as the tangents fly free.

URL: Episode 017: Off The Rails 2 (Dick Pillow)
Direct Download: tnb017.mp3
YouTube: https://youtu.be/W8E8lhczxUg

This has been a feature of TS-D/JA Productions and JJ2E Media 2016

Episode 011: Enter…BRITNEY!