TNB Book Club 6.04: Shadows Over Baker Street pt 4

511NAV28TQLWelcome back to The Nerd Blitz Book Club!

In this 4th episode of a 9 episode series, we crack open a book we have been wanting to dive into for a long time, the Sherlock Holmes meets H.P. Lovecraft pastiche short story collection, Shadows Over Baker Street.

This week sees us discussing and dissecting the next 2 entries in this book, edited by Michael Reaves and John Pelan, The Curious Case Of Miss Violet Stone & The Adventure Of The Antiquarian’s Niece which were written by Poppy Z. Brite and David Ferguson & Barbara Hambly respectively.

So find yourself a copy of this gathering of stories and read along with us cause the game is afoot as the darkest of clouds settles in over the world of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and things get spooky at 221B Baker Street, gang.

Also, a special thank you goes to @gigiamk30
for making this entire 6th series of The Nerd Blitz Book Club possible.

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