Episode 059: You’d Be a Pincushion In Prison

1 0ycyUQqtYvWDFrUJlaYUCwIn this episode, the fellas are getting a wee bit hot button this time as they touch on the whole GotG Vol.3 situation and lay the pipe for their own Disney firings 10 years down the line.


…also leads to a discussion on credits and creators, Doom finally watched Luke Cage and tells ya what he thought of it while making a connection Fitz hadn’t, and Fitz won’t watch the Fantastic Beasts 2 trailer even though Doom wants him too.

Fitz saw Black Panther, then he tells Doom some Walking Dead news, they kinda sorta go all over the place, tease what’s coming next ep, then sign off

…and proceed to keep on fuckin’ yappin’… Enjoy!

URL: Episode 059: You’d Be a Pincushion In Prison
Direct Download: tnb059.mp3


The Worst Witch

In Episode 016, Fitz draws a comparison between Harry Potter and an ancient Halloween special from the 80s called “The Worst Witch”.  Was it a stretch?  Well, probably, but check it out for yourself.  It’s not quite on par with the Star Wars Holiday Special, but it is delicously cheezy.


Episode 016: Brian Quinn’s Hardcore Sex Fuckin’ Emergency

In this episode, the fellas practice the subtle art of crashing and burning.

First, Fitz gives a follow up to his revelation in Episode 10, then Joke Corner goes down in flames, and finally Fitz makes a new revelation that’s sad it causes Doom to mock him…AND THAT’S JUST THE FIRST 18 MINUTES!!!

Then they dive deep into the meat of the show and answer listener questions from , , , and while playing Battleship over the phone.

They talk Indiana Jones, Hair Teeth, Long Intros, and asshats who whine about spelling.

All that and more as Doom screws up the sign-off!

URL: Episode 016: Brian Quinn’s Hardcore Sex Fuckin’ Emergency
Direct Download: tnb016.mp3
YouTube: https://youtu.be/A4V6GE6vlz4

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