Episode 040.5: The Force Awakens Reaction Flashback Special


In this Episode, travel back to a time when Dinosaurs roamed the earth, when Doom & Fitz were young & hopeful, to before The Nerd Blitz existed!

That’s right, gang, this go round you get to relive our 1st ever meeting AND recording session, as mentioned in Episode 7.5!

Relive Just Jump To The End Ep 20 in all of it’s glory, from Doom struggling with Disney’s new vision for Star Wars, Fitz being mesmerized by snow on a car trunk, and so much more!



URL: Episode 040.5: The Force Awakens Reaction Flashback Special
Direct Download: tnb040-5.mp3
YouTube: https://youtu.be/ukqyq2n6DA8


Episode 036: She Looked A Lot Different in 1952

elvis_sept_9_1974_karate_7thIn this episode, the fellas, once again, are all over the map, but with that sweet comic twist.

They start off with their opening banter about Fitz taking a trip to the comic shop for nearly a half hour, then Joke Corner brings about some near gunplay. Fitz pimps a little known comic too.

Legends of animation die and retire, somebody can’t find a Doctor to stuff their finger up the bum, and then they get super personal…like TMI to the max, man!

Then they finally get around to that Ep 8 BTS vid from D23, plus so damn much more.

Get ready for fun times!

URL: Episode 036: She Looked A Lot Different In 1952
Direct Download: tnb036.mp3
YouTube: https://youtu.be/7ZFBJkb-UO4

Episode 031: Hugh Hefner’s Ambulatory Corpse

star-wars-portfolio-06-2017-ss10In this episode, a bunch of stuff happened and the fellas talk about it!

Oh, you want specifics? Fine!

Doom does an untraditional Joke Corner, a bunch of people got dead, and Fitz gets all moist over a young man’s nose…again!

A crap load of tiny tidbits about Star Wars Episode VIII got dropped by Vanity Fair, and then some *sigh* Scooby news to round out the show.

And BTW, your Snoke theory still sucks…Enjoy the show!

URL: Episode 031: Hugh Hefner’s Ambulatory Corpse
Direct Download: tnb031.mp3
YouTube: https://youtu.be/CQd5jTEY6Uo