TNB Commentaries Episode 008: The Evil Dead

the-evil-dead-one-sheetPlease turn off your cellphones and join Doom & Fitz as they take a trip into the woods.

For our 8th commentary, we play a mysterious recording from 1981 we found in a dirt basement called Evil Dead starring Bruce Campbell and directed by Sam Raimi.

We debate whether the sequel is a sequel or a remake or a requel, we talk about careers being launched, cheese ball effects, and the vast ocean of differences in the tonal shifts of this still vibrant franchise.

So kill all your friends and pray the sun comes up, it’s goovy…I mean, movie time!


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Bruce Campbell’s New Book

I’ve wanted it for quite sometime, and it’s finally happening!
15 years after his 1st Autobiography, Bruce Campbell is doing it again.
August 8th, 2017, Hail To The Chin is coming.

Set to cover his time in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, the 7 seasons of Burn Notice, and now his work on Ash Vs Evil Dead, this is going to be a must read for me…and I can’t wait!

If you haven’t read his first book or the novel he wrote just after (both are sure fire future Book Club reads) check ’em out.
It’s the greatness of the Groovy one…in your hands!

Full details:

Ash Vs Evil Dead Renewed

Though we haven’t really talked about this franchise…YET!…I thought I’d share this groovy news.
Deadline got the scoop that Ash Vs Evil Dead has been picked up for a 3rd 10 Episode season to premiere fall 2017.
Though I’ve only caught the pilot, this is awesome news.

That pilot was damn good and more Ash Williams is always a good thing.

I can’t wait to catch up someday as I really love all 3 movies, and who isn’t a fan of Bruce Campbell?

A few interesting facts and pieces of info about the series for you: Season 2 was picked up before Season 1 even debuted, and Season 3 was picked up just 5 days after Season 2 began.

This is the first series that Bruce was the main star of to go beyond 1 Season.

And with the Season 3 pick up, I’m pretty sure this will make it the most Episodes of a Bruce lead series as well.

Pretty cool.