Episode 077.5: We’re In The Endgame Now…

51le5tubqwl.jpgIn this episode, the fellas make their long awaited return to the theater to assemble and avenge their fallen heroes and fallen friends from last year!

***Spoilers*** abound as they answer a listener question from @steboost before and after they see Marvel’s magnum opus, Avengers: Endgame, they interact with YOU, the listening audience, live on Periscope.

Doom’s an unnecessary asshole (surprise surprise), Fitz is potentially stroking out in a big bad way, and they give their reactions to this lengthy and spectacular movie, so buckle up for the ride along, gang!


URL: Episode 077.5: We’Re In The Endgame Now…
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Her Universe Debuts Marvel Line

Ashley Eckstein’s fangirl focused apparel company Her Universe has annouced a new line of Marvel inspired clothing.

These designs look awesome. Leave it to Ashley and her team to come up with some really cool (dare I say sexy?) outfits. Her Universe continues to be THE place for girls of all ages to get unique licensed apparel.

Take the link below to check out all the new styles. 

Source: CBR.com