TNB Commentaries 009: Mask Of The Phantasm

MCDBAMA EC041Please turn off your cellphones and join Doom & Fitz as they make their very 1st visit to the city of the Bat.

For our 9th commentary, we glide back to 1993 for the 1st theatrical animated Batman movie starring Kevin Conroy, Dana Delany, Mark Hamill, & Stacy Keach.

The fellers talk about the comparisons to Year One, how one of them may not be 100% in love with this movie, and some of the behind the scenes creative goings on that brought this movie to the world…if they remember them right.

Oh, and Doom whips out his Joker…A LOT! Enjoy!


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#RIP Adam West


Thank you Adam West.

You created a colorful, joyous, and intentionally silly version of Batman that was, for myself and many others, their first exposure to the character.

You helped open the door to comics and the world of superheroes for many generations of children.

You taught kids about the merits of honesty and doing good for the sake of doing good.

You were in many ways the Mister Rogers of Superheroes.

I was lucky enough to meet you a few short years ago. Your genuine love for your fans was evident to everyone even after all the decades of doing the convention grind. When it was my turn to interact with you for a few brief seconds I found that all I could really say was my name when you asked who I wanted the autograph made out to.

As you signed your name you said something that was probably the same thing you said to everyone in line but in that moment it was for me alone.

“To my friend Scott”, you said, in that Adam Westian way.

I’ll be honest, it was an amazing, unexpected feeling. With those 4 words you turned a cynical, jaded, middle-aged man back into a five year old kid.

I’m so sad that you’re gone, but so glad I got to have that experience and so thankful that my first Dark Knight was the Bright Knight.

Episode 024: Celebrity Death Touch

apolloexperimentIn this episode, Fitz is a boiling inferno of rage after taking the family out for a night at the theater! Listen in as a man seethes for a full 2 hours.

After a special intro and Joke Corner, Doom does a live performance of the theme for their new segment…a segment that is so new Fitz doesn’t even know about it.

Fitz goes on a buying spree and they discuss the bumper crop of movies he’s procured. The next (final?) chapter of the Bat-Verse story drops, then get ready for lots of laughs as the fellas inch ever closer to the 1st birthday of this whole Nerd Blitz thing!

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Episode 015: Devil Dome

In this episode, things get spooky as these 2 frightful fools tell tales of spooky happenings in their haunted home town!

But first, Doom does a deep review of Batman: The Killing Joke for Fitz’s listening pleasure.

They break that down, talk a bit about a few Scooby related tidbits, then go into the dark side of St. Louis, including grade school rumors of cat piss laced pies. Bubbleheads, Monkey Faced Beer Boys, Creepy Spooky Devil Domes, County Hidey Holes, the real history behind The Exorcist, and their Steak N Shake orders.

Tell Declan to hit a thunderclap, cause The Nerd Blitz is revealing scary truths!

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