The Nerd Blitz Question Of The Week #120

It’s not every day you turn one hundred and twenty weeks old, is it?
And it’s not every week you get asked a super nerdy question by a couple of dudes that talk for hours on the internet and try to encourage you to listen and tell all of your like-minded friends and family that they should also also listen, do you?
Look, I’ll shoot straight with you here, I kinda lost track of this bit about halfway through and now here we are with me awkwardly trying to dig myself out of this hole.
What say we just get to the question and forget this whole thing happened, deal?
Great, thanks for being so cool about this whole debacle…anywhooo…

This week, the same finger challenged mad man from last week has spent the entire seven days since staring at you and blinking his eyes out of sequence.
He leans away from you and seemingly scratches his ass cheek without ever breaking the ever important eye contact that he holds dear.
As he leans back toward you, he hisses out this question: Who Do You Consider To Be The Greatest Sitcom Star Of All Time?

Leave your answer down in the comments below or tweet it to us over on the Tweety times @NerdBlitzPod or by using the incredibly well thought out hashtag #TNBQotW.

Special thanks goes out to the good sir @SteBoost for creating our eye catchingly sexified logo for this here weekly segment known as The Nerd Blitz Question Of The Week.

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