Episode 050: Brian Quinn Presents: TNB Giant Sized Annual #2: We’re Not Friends!

ahsokaIn this episode, numbnuts and dillweed are celebrating 2 years of yammering about nerd crap for hours on end!

Doom starts off the show reminding Fitz he’s old before Fitz spoils the hell out of the finale of Star Wars: Rebels as sweet sweet retribution, then they take some questions from those of you goodly enough to listen.





Special thanks to
& @flyinkdw

for sending in all of the questions we answered, and double thanks to @SpiderScooby for providing our anniversary giveaway!

Thanks for listening and supporting us for 2 years, gang, now sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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Episode 017: Off The Rails 2 – Dick Pillow


In this episode, close your tray tables and put your seat back in its fully upright position cause they’re going off the rails…again!

The epic struggle that is Battleship continues as they talk about Doom’s brain damaged laughter, Fitz goes to a comedy club, then they dive in and have a thorough conversation about the balance of The Force, take a look at an Ahsoka theory, and then they review Scooby Apocalypse Issue 4.

Prepare for one of the greatest moments in Nerd Blitz history as a special guest joins the fellas for a sudden outburst of brutal honesty and an extra long FΩ©k This S#!t.

All that and so much more as the tangents fly free.

URL: Episode 017: Off The Rails 2 (Dick Pillow)
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YouTube: https://youtu.be/W8E8lhczxUg

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