The Real Exorcist

A couple months back on our Halloween episode, we talked about the real life “event” that took place in our hometown and inspired William Peter Blatty to write the bestselling novel The Exorcist, which would go on to be one of the most critically acclaimed (and frightening) horror films of all time.

This past week, William Peter Blatty died at a ripe old age and our local paper reprinted an article from 1988 that revisited the “event” and talked with surviving witnesses. 

URL: St. Louis Post Dispatch


Din’s Blog: Ahsoka’s Fate

In Episode 17, we discuss Dave Filoni’s “Ahsoka’s Fate” sketch card series, and also dive into Din’s incredibly well thought out examination of that artwork and what it reveals about possibly the most beloved of all Prequel Era Star Wars characters Ahsoka Tano.  Follow the link below to Din’s Blog and read the excellent post that we could barely put into words.

Source: Din’s Blog: Ahsoka’s Fate

The Equadome

In episode 15, we discuss some of the local legends and urban myths of St. Louis.

One of the topics was the Equadome, an abandoned industrial complex in the middle of nowhere that played host to all kinds of nefarious activities.

Check out these links for more photos and video of the site. Imagine exploring this place in the dark?

The Dark Crystal

By now everyone has heard Fitz and JSarge gush over the very underrated Jim Henson classic The Dark Crystal in TNB 14. (And if you haven’t, it’s been out for 24 hours what are you waiting for?)

In the episode we reference the awesome cosplay we each saw at 2 different conventions. Well, here are the pics!

We also talk about some cool behind the scenes footage they showed back in the day in support of the film’s release. Some of that footage can be found here:

If you’ve never watched this flick, we highly recommend it. The puppetry and effects are fascinating.