TNB Commentaries 050: Halloween (2018)

Please turn off your cellphones and join us in stalking horny teenagers wherever they may hump and a traumatized lady that that can’t catch a break to save a single damn life, be it her own, her child’s, or her granddaughter’s!

For our 50th Commentary, we creep our way back to 2018 Haddenfield for this hybrid sequel & reboot starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, & Will Patton as they chase down the monstrous podcast and gas station killer we all know and fear.

Shockingly, Doom is in a pissy petty mood and that is thrown in your faces from the jump, but also we put on a hell of a ball breaking show as Fitz swings for the fences and connects with the grandest of slams, call backs are made, laughs are had, and we just bask in the glory that is this awesomely bad ass movie, so buckle up for a a fun and chunky ep, gang!

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TNB Commentaries 049: Ash Vs. Evil Dead S1:E1-E2

Please turn off your cellphones and lets all roll a doobie, chill out, relax, and read from this sweet ass book that was inked in blood and bound in human flesh that may or may not have been found 30 some odd years ago in a cabin in the woods…

For our 49th Commentary, we jump in the Oldsmobile Delta 88 classic and drive that sweet chunk of machinery back to Halloween 2015 for the return of the King, Bruce Campbell, to his most Iconic role, and he brings Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo, Jill Marie Jones, and Lucy Lawless along for the ride!

Doom brings an update on something that he started yammering about last year in the Commentaries and will expand upon in Ep 104 of the main show, and then we all buckle up as the good sir Fitz gets to experience the gloriousness that is this series that was ended far too soon, so fire up your netted flix or whip out your discs cause shit is about to get…Groovy!

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TNB Commentaries 048: Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc. Chapters 1-4

Please turn off your cellphones, gang, and climb into the Mystery Machine as we head out to crack some cases wide open, uncover a decades old plot, and celebrate the 51st anniversary of animation’s greatest mystery solving quintet in a remarkably fresh new style!

For our 48th Commentary, we head back to the good ol days of 2010 for the first 4 episodes of this instant classic series starring the legendary Frank Welker, the character defining Mindy Cohn, the brilliant Grey DeLisle-Griffin, and the great Matthew Lillard (making his first turn in the place of an icon) as our titular gang, and they bring along franchise newcomers Gary Cole, & Patrick Warburton as their new supporting cast.

We memorialize an incredible creative force in Scooby-Doo co-creator Joe Ruby before Doom gets oddly deep and reflective, then walks Fitz through the opening 4 chapters of one of, if not, the most ballsy and risk taking shows in the entire Scooby library all the while forgetting how old they are yet again.

Expect filthy jokes aplenty, gang, because as you may have noticed, THE NERD BLITZ IS BACK, BABY!

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TNB Commentaries 047: Solo

solo-theatrical-poster_f98a86ebPlease turn off your cellphones and prepare for the jump to hyperspace as we inject coaxium straight into the hyper drive and head into the maelstrom of this unfairly maligned and easily loveable movie in less than 12 parsecs.

For our 47th Commentary, we travel all the way back to 2018 for this filmer starring newcomer Alden Ehrenreich, along side Joonas Suotamo, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, Pheobe Waller-Bridge, Thandie Newton, & Paul Bettany as they smuggle and steal their way through a fun flick and into our collective and most likely enlarged hearts!

We start off going deep into Rae Carson’s prequel novel of this here flick, and then Doom makes wild claims, Fitz dives into the making of and novelization of the flick, we have a “technical difficulty”, then Doom accuses Fitz of doing drugs & Fitz actually thanks him for the accusation, and with all that and more even Ron Howard himself is sure to be embarrassed by how hard we eagerly suck the skin off the dick of this movie.

So, in short, if you support #MakeSolo2Happen, then this sure as hell is the commentary you have been looking for, so move your ass out of that seat and join us on this journey of fun, baby!

Nerd Blitz · TNB Commentaries 047: Solo

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Nobody has ever said “What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been”, Right?

Seriously, I just coined that phrase right?

7 years ago today I was bored on a car ride and made this dipshit little video.
If you had told me all the shit that would follow I probably would have said “AHHHH, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!?!?” mostly cause I can’t remember if I knew you way back then.

Over the course of the last 7 years everything has changed, for me personally and for the world at large.
In that time, I’ve gone from decidedly friendless, but I’ve made and lost quite a few folks that I thought were friends, I’ve said goodbye to family members, and I’ve watched things on this planet take dangerous turns.
Sometimes, it truly does seems like we live in the darkest of all possible worlds.

But for these last 7 years, to paraphrase Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, “I have tried, Ringo, I’ve tried real hard to be a shepard.”
I’ve spent hours writing, talking, recording, editing, worrying, and doubting myself, alone and with good Ol Fitz (& others), because the world (and life in general) can be a harsh, unrelenting, shitty place and it has knocked me and many others that I know and care for on our asses and dared us to stay there.
But most people, when they get knocked down like that, go looking for something to make them feel better.

5 and a half years ago, I wrote a piece for my TS-D/JA Productions blog titled Then Why Do It?, in which I explain why I kept going.
But just incase you don’t want to reread it, I will reiterate here just exactly why.
When you hear from somebody that they have had a shitty day and were the lowest they have been in a while, but that all changed because they read a dumb little book review I wrote and could feel my passion oozing through their screen, or they listened to a podcast and we made a joke that made them laugh for the first time in days, or they watched or heard a skit we put out somewhere and it gave them a little boost…that shit is powerful, man!

Selfishly, hearing shit like that pulls me up, even if only a little bit, from whatever I’m going through.
But taking that out of it, and to go back to what I used to say when I wrapped up almost every post on the old site, the world can be a terrible place so do whatever you can to change that, no matter how many people that hits.
I’ll keep trying to improve the day of the 50-60 people that regularly listen to the pod or read this site.

Alright, gang, WHORE TIME!

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Thanks for reading, gang.