Doom And Dave Do A Doody

Hey gang, just wanted to give you a quick heads-up about a long time friend and supporter of the ours who has made the leap to Patreon.

Good ol @FlyinkDW has jumped over to create all new original podcast content over there and I guested on the very 1st episode of his new show, The Morning Growler.
We had a fun talk about AC/DC and general mucisness.

The 1st ep is free to listen too, so go check it out and let them know I sent ya.

Are You BSing Me?

I must have a high-midichlorian count, how else do explain yet another person letting me dive into their pod pool?

Who is the mindtricked vic this go round?
Why, it’s @TheMrBSshow of course!
I joined him and his scrappy little ner-do-well sidekick @PotatoPunches71 to record a piece of their 71st episode, where we talked a bit of the Star Wars, settle a long standing fued, and I whored like my life depended on it.

Find and listen to it on SoundCloud or on the ITunes.

Follow both of them.
And if you want me to come to your pod town, hit me up on the tweeter.

Into The Marsh-Lands We Go

Yep, I did it again.
I somehow convinced somebody else to let me come play in their pod-yard.

This time around, I whored my way over to @SquishyNosInc’s neck of the woods and hung out for over 2 hours to get episode 32 of @AlwaysBetOnGeek.

We talking about wrestling, titties…wrestling titties, and a whole lot more (including copious amounts of ballbreaking, free of charge).
So follow both of Marshall’s tweedly-dee accounts and listen to the show on either Itunes or SoundCloud.

Let us all know what you think and maybe more of this type of thing will happen.

Doom Joined A Cult

Recently, I went on @flyinkdw‘s podcast @Cod_Pod to talk about The Camping Trip and The Nerd Blitz (I even did a special edition of Doom’s Joke Corner).

We talked for over an hour about all kinds of other shit, from The Lion King to Jupiter, we covered it all.
So follow both of Dee Dub’s tweeter accounts and check out the ep on Itunes and SoundCloud.

Be sure to let all of us know what you think of it, ya may just see more of this type of thing if you dig it.