TNB Commentaries 047: Solo

solo-theatrical-poster_f98a86ebPlease turn off your cellphones and prepare for the jump to hyperspace as we inject coaxium straight into the hyper drive and head into the maelstrom of this unfairly maligned and easily loveable movie in less than 12 parsecs.

For our 47th Commentary, we travel all the way back to 2018 for this filmer starring newcomer Alden Ehrenreich, along side Joonas Suotamo, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, Pheobe Waller-Bridge, Thandie Newton, & Paul Bettany as they smuggle and steal their way through a fun flick and into our collective and most likely enlarged hearts!

We start off going deep into Rae Carson’s prequel novel of this here flick, and then Doom makes wild claims, Fitz dives into the making of and novelization of the flick, we have a “technical difficulty”, then Doom accuses Fitz of doing drugs & Fitz actually thanks him for the accusation, and with all that and more even Ron Howard himself is sure to be embarrassed by how hard we eagerly suck the skin off the dick of this movie.

So, in short, if you support #MakeSolo2Happen, then this sure as hell is the commentary you have been looking for, so move your ass out of that seat and join us on this journey of fun, baby!

Nerd Blitz · TNB Commentaries 047: Solo

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Episode 099: Faultful

CaptureIn this episode, we are jam packing the road to 100 with all the content you’ve come to know and love from your 2 favorite dive bar pool table enthusiast dillwads, snark and filth fully intact, so strap in and prepare for this extra long extra nerdery filled episode, gang!

We start off with a review of the recent 5 Part WWE Network Docu-series, Undertaker: The Last Ride, and the reveals and revelations within as The Undertaker AKA Mark Calaway comes to terms with the end of his legendary 30 year in ring career in this unprecedented look behind the curtain.

After that we unveil the OFFICIAL Nerd Blitz ranking of every single Scooby-Doo series, then we have a deep diving, all encompassing Pimp Spot that leads to the 2nd half of the show being the perfect example of this show’s title, so kick back and relax as we bring this 1st 99 episodes of the main show to a hopefully satisfying close!

Nerd Blitz · Episode 099: Faultful

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Episode 098: We Are Birth

20200626_163518.jpgIn this episode, we are all over the place as we jam pack this show with all the news and opinions you’ve come to know and…I guess tolerate from the two biggest yahoos you apparently stumbled across while you were drunk or forgot to hit pause that one time and now your podcast app won’t stop downloading it so you’ve just grow to accept it…I mean, what?

Doom comes in hot with a (surprise surprise) pissy fuckin’ attitude cause somebody pushed his buttons by showing him an article that was dumb as shit, and then he calms down and Fitz brings up an article that made him have a rage boner too.

Scooby-Doo, Star Wars, Star Trek, the last movies we saw before the world ended, are all topics on the table as well as us eulogizing iconic comic book writer and editor Denny O’Neil, then we ponder why Amazon packaging is completely dogshit for books and everything else now, all that and more as we continue the long trudge to ep 100!

P.S. Watch for some additional B-Roll content from this episode that will be dropping on Patreon soon!

Nerd Blitz · Episode 098: We Are Birth

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Episode 097: Goddamn, You Are In A Mood

scoob-trailerIn this episode, betrayal is in the air, every where I look around…betrayal is in the air, every sight and every sound, and the stank permeates the entire opening 30 minutes of the show and sets us on a rageful path for the rest of the episode, and also fun happens…we swears it!

A brand new friend and his son stop by to promote a new project and it may or may not lead to one of the most disturbing things in Nerd Blitz history and as you may well know, loyal listener, that is saying quite a lot, also we learn what the primary mode of communication is for one of us!

Doom is in a pissy ass mood (shocking, we know) as we talk Scoob!, Star Trek: Discovery, and our recently launched Patreon as Fitz almost agrees to something that has been joked about for nearly 4 years and nearly brings the show to an end before we make it to our star studded 100th episode spectacular!

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Episode 096: Everyone’s Favorite Goofy Jag-Offs


In this episode, the slow trudge to episode 100 (can you hear the cow bells ringing!?) continues as the fellas tag up on some recent Twitter darkness and revisit some classic dark jokes from the show itself while doing what they do best…you know what we do best, right?

Doom brings an adorable Joke Corner that features an adorable little story that will warm your heart to the core and then we dive deep into our recent book readings featuring Wars in the Star, Men that are X’s, untalking dogs, Robuts, our reading habits, and that leads us to talking about a certain dream one of us has.

Fitz starts us on the path to giving some dumbass Brothers another lashing cause they’re STILL doing stupid shit, we talk more about the final season on Star Wars The Clone Wars, and we figure out that Peter Jackson & Clive Barker are pretty much related, and then we talk about potential Patreon content in this most recent episode of your favorite goofy jag-offs!

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