Episode 101: Concave Punchable Face


In this episode, we are still coming down off of the high and exhaustion from Ep 100 and we talk all the dirty details of how it happened, how it almost didn’t happen, last minute changes, and all of the other roadblocks what almost stopped a monumental milestone from appearing in your podcastaroonie feeds!

We start off talking about our recent reads of murder, dungeons, outside space wars, dragons, robuts, and the like as well as the big reactions to a review of a monstrous book what has us blowin’ up, as well as explaining a recent installment of The Nerd Blitz Question Of The Week…before it even happened!

DC Fan Dome happened and Fitz has all the dirty details from his day in the virtual con hall watching trailer after trailer, while Doom brings…snark, shitty comments, and rude noises for most of the topics brought up on that front, all that and more as promises are broken and announcements are made in this return to form for your favorite unknown jack assholes.

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Episode 100: Brian Quinn Presents TNB’s 2 Part 100th Ep Spectacular: Who Wants To Die Today?!


In this massive 2 part episode, we are celebrating not one BUT TWO gigantic milestones in this mega sized, extra long, earth shattering episode as our flagship show hits one hundred episodes (not counting point fives) and we hit two hundred free episodes total between The Nerd Blitz, The Nerd Blitz Book Club, and The Nerd Blitz Commentaries!

This near 8 hour long multi-chambered episode, designed for easy listening in chunks, starts off as a typical main show episode in which Doom tries jamming three things into one Pimp Spot, then we talk the return of Scooby-Doo And Guess Who and how, despite being glad to have it back, WB bungled it yet again, and good ol Fitty watches the latest iteration of a beloved franchise from his kidhood…to interesting result…

Also, we welcome back 2 guests to the show, 1st off we welcome back the (music) man, the myth, the Legend himself, J Sarge for 3 brand new installments of our long running Dungeons And Dragons game, and our 2nd guest is bestselling Dune, Star Wars, X-Files, & Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. Author Kevin J. Anderson who drops by for a chat about 2 recently released projects as well as the plethora of others he has on the horizon, which leads us to taking a look at conspiracy theories, Star Wars, and more!

Then, as if all that wasn’t enough, we figured the overcompensation just wasn’t quite there yet and that we needed to dig even deeper, so we decided to stand up and pull a commentary for the first 2 episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer out of our asses, which leads to a long lost discovery from the depths of one of our computers.

Mando Emmys, Hobbit Movies, thank you’s, and some slight reminiscing are all among the topics discussed in this monumental milestone that puts a true jeanyus on full display, for better or worse, so whether you’ve been here from Episode 1 or this is your first go round with us, kick back and relax, Ye Fair Knights, as we celebrate all we have accomplished in these last 4+ years, gang!

Part 1:
*Episode Start – 0:00:00
*Dungeons & Dragons Part 1 – 1:42:46
*Kevin J. Anderson Interview – 2:32:00
*Dungeons & Dragons Part 2 – 3:16:50

Nerd Blitz · Episode 100: Brian Quinn Presents the TNB 100th Ep Spectacular: Who Wants To Die Today!? – Part 1

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Part 2:
*The Nerd Blitz Commentaries, Buffy The Vampire Slayer Pilot – 0:00:00
*Dungeons & Dragons Part 3 – 2:26:10
*Outro – 3:15:07

Nerd Blitz · Episode 100: Brian Quinn Presents TNB’s 100th Ep Spectacular: Who Wants To Die Today?! – Part 2

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Fitz’s Toy Chest #18: Indiana Jones

If Adventure Had A Toy Line…it would be The Raiders of the Lost Ark toys produced by Lucasfilm symbiote Kenner in 1982.

Welcome back guys to the Toy Chest. This time out we’ll be taking a look at a rarely talked about line of movie tie-in toys for Raiders of the Lost Ark. In particular, the man the myth the legend himself.

Indiana Jones
Company: Kenner
Acquisition Year: 1984
Acquired via: Purchase (Toy Chest)
Years In Possession: 36

This guy is another entry in the “I was organizing my basement and look what I found!” series. Which now that I think about it is pretty similar to how I originally found this figure (and the others in this line)

If I’m not mistaken, I did NOT get these toys when they were originally released in 1982. Instead, I don’t recall noticing them until after Temple of Doom was released in theaters. Which is why I dated this guy as having been purchased in 1984.

I remember finding these on the pegs at Toy Chest with bright red clearance price tags. My mom loves a sale, so it was easy to convince her to get this figure. Over the next few weeks we would return repeatedly and pick up several more characters until the only one I didn’t own was Marion. Not because I didn’t want a girl fugure but because I never found her. Apparently she was one the rarest of the line.

I loved these figures when I was a kid. There was an entire summer after seeing Temple Of Doom where I was obsessed with Indiana Jones.

I can remember spending days and days using a box of toothpicks and Elmer’s glue to build a suspension bridge playset one stick at a time. I had such a grand plan in my head but in reality all my tedious effort resulted in more of a platform than a bridge. I don’t think four inches qualifies as a “bridge”. But I was proud of it anyway and used it to create a bunch of adventures before it finally fell apart.

As for the figure, his right arm was spring loaded for a “quick draw” gimmick. You had to pull the arm down and let it spring back up into a firing stance. It was a cool feature for the time, but kinda made Indy look a little weird when his hands were empty.

The molded holster on his hip was open in the front so you could wedge his gun in there when not shooting at Nazis.

Unfortunately I lost his revolver years ago. It’s possible it got mixed in with Star Wars weapons and I’ll find it again some day but I doubt it.

His whip was probably the lamest accessory Kenner ever created. It was literally a small black plastic cone as the handle with a piece of black string knotted through a hole in the center. The spring action arm worked great for simulating Indy’s trademark whip skills, but man that string looked goofy.

There was even a hook molded into his left hip that represented the small snap closure loop that would keep his coiled whip attached to his belt.

Unlike their Star Wars line, and perhaps foreshadowing the design of the M.A.S.K. figures that they would be making in a few short years, the Indiana Jones line all had jointed knees. Which come in handy for driving Nazi trucks and riding white stallions down the side of a sand dune. (Both of which were accessories sold seperately)

I’ve talked about the mail away offers that Kenner used with their Star Wars figures, and surprise surprise, they also tried it with Raiders line. You could send in proof of purchased from the card backs and receive a special Belloq figure dressed in his ceremonial outfit from the end of the flick when he opens the Ark. I tried to get that figure, sent in the p.o.p.s and money for shipping, but my Belloq never arrived. Eventually I think we got the envelope returned to us with a note from Kenner that the offer had ended already. Oops.

It’s actually a pretty good thing that I found these guys in the basement when I did. They were all being affected by the dreaded haze that develops on these old figures as the plastic starts to break down. Their parts start to get covered in a grayish film that feels waxy. Some of these had advanced so much it looked like fuzzballs stuck to the plastic. Luckily as I discovered from the Toy Polloi channel on Youtube, this is a pretty minor condition even though it looks really bad. All it takes is a gentle scrubbing in soapy water and that film comes right off. I should have taken a picture of it before I cleaned it off, but you can see from these pictures the crisis was averted.

Well, that about does it for this installment of Fitz’s Toy Chest. Hope you all enjoyed my blathering and come back next time when I dig deep into the pile once more and pull out some more unexpected surprises!

Share this post on Twitter with the hashtag #TNBToyChest, and let us know what you think! And if you want, let us know what some of your favorite toys were growing up!

TNB Commentaries 047: Solo

solo-theatrical-poster_f98a86ebPlease turn off your cellphones and prepare for the jump to hyperspace as we inject coaxium straight into the hyper drive and head into the maelstrom of this unfairly maligned and easily loveable movie in less than 12 parsecs.

For our 47th Commentary, we travel all the way back to 2018 for this filmer starring newcomer Alden Ehrenreich, along side Joonas Suotamo, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, Pheobe Waller-Bridge, Thandie Newton, & Paul Bettany as they smuggle and steal their way through a fun flick and into our collective and most likely enlarged hearts!

We start off going deep into Rae Carson’s prequel novel of this here flick, and then Doom makes wild claims, Fitz dives into the making of and novelization of the flick, we have a “technical difficulty”, then Doom accuses Fitz of doing drugs & Fitz actually thanks him for the accusation, and with all that and more even Ron Howard himself is sure to be embarrassed by how hard we eagerly suck the skin off the dick of this movie.

So, in short, if you support #MakeSolo2Happen, then this sure as hell is the commentary you have been looking for, so move your ass out of that seat and join us on this journey of fun, baby!

Nerd Blitz · TNB Commentaries 047: Solo

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Episode 099: Faultful

CaptureIn this episode, we are jam packing the road to 100 with all the content you’ve come to know and love from your 2 favorite dive bar pool table enthusiast dillwads, snark and filth fully intact, so strap in and prepare for this extra long extra nerdery filled episode, gang!

We start off with a review of the recent 5 Part WWE Network Docu-series, Undertaker: The Last Ride, and the reveals and revelations within as The Undertaker AKA Mark Calaway comes to terms with the end of his legendary 30 year in ring career in this unprecedented look behind the curtain.

After that we unveil the OFFICIAL Nerd Blitz ranking of every single Scooby-Doo series, then we have a deep diving, all encompassing Pimp Spot that leads to the 2nd half of the show being the perfect example of this show’s title, so kick back and relax as we bring this 1st 99 episodes of the main show to a hopefully satisfying close!

Nerd Blitz · Episode 099: Faultful

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