The Nerd Blitz is a sometimes funny, occasionally insightful, usually crude podcast filled with pop culture discussion, reviews, news, and storytelling.

One host is an old, grumpy, miserable bastard and the other is a married father of two in his early 40’s.

Fitz – After starting a podcast (Just Jump To The End) with his sister Molly (DIDDY BOW), and becoming a global superstar, jetsetting with Hollywood A-Listers, Fitz has decided to settle down and talk about his nerdy history.
Listen as he does so with a deranged fat boy half his age.

Doom – After screaming at his walls for 2 and a half decades, Doom decided it was time to take his act to the internet and let the voices in his head talk to each other, for your entertainment of course.

Now, he and his merry band of characters pester a dude (Fitz) each week for the listening pleasure of the world.