Episode 103: Bogdarts Academy For Wizards

In this episode, we lay back and relax, early in the morning for the first time in almost a half decade maybe, and talk how we do about all that nerd shit what we like and you like hearing us do talkin’ about.

First up on the docket, we hit up the book shelves and discuss what we’re currently reading, which includes a taste of Science Fiction, classic fantasy, and the plans one of us has for a slew of book reviews that have already happened nearly a month ago by the time you hear this.

Then we try to get deep on the first Mandalorian trailer, while dodging guests and depressing topics, so that means speculation is flying in your ear holes like a wrecked space shit as we hurdle across space and time cherry picking comic books for future profit or something…sorry, I got comfy and kinda lost track of the convo at some point…anywhooo, enjoy a new ep of us being what we always are, nerdy bastards!

URL: Episode 103: Bogdarts Academy For Wizards
Direct Download: tnb103.mp3

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