The Nerd Blitz Question Of The Week #110

Meanwhile, in the hall of Nerd Blitz-Dom!
The Knights Of Nerd Blitz-Dom have been gathered together for their one hundred and tenth weekly discussion of one very specific, and very nerdy, question.
We join them as the conversation begins…

This past weekend, DC held the first of two planned “DC Fandome” events scheduled for this year.
With that in mind, this week’s question leaves us wanting to know: With All Of The Movie, TV, Comic, And Video Game News And Announcements, What Out Of DC Fandome Got You The Excited The Most?

Leave your answer down in the comments below or tweet it to us over on the Tweety times @NerdBlitzPod or by using the incredibly well thought out hashtag #TNBQotW.

Special thanks goes out to the good sir @SteBoost for creating our eye catchingly sexified logo for this here weekly segment known as The Nerd Blitz Question Of The Week.

2 thoughts on “The Nerd Blitz Question Of The Week #110

  1. Definitely The Batman and Wonder Woman. It’d be nice to see a quality new Batman flick and I enjoyed the first WW quite a bit and hopefully the sequel will add to it in a positive manner.
    I’d appreciate if both of them kept to their own worlds and don’t try to build to some bigger collaboration with more DC heroes. Just leave them to their own flicks.

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    • I think DC has heard folks scream KISS enough, they’re probably gonna stick to multiversing (except The Flash movie) for a while.

      What did you think of the video game & comic announcements?
      I’m excited for more Static.


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