Podcast Status Update

Hey guys, just wanted to post a quick message to let you all know what’s been going on and why the pod has kind of dried up recently.

I’m not going to get into specifics but my family is going through some really scary shit at the moment, on top of losing a close family member on Christmas Day. Needless to say the last 2 months have been probably the worst 2 months of my entire life, and there’s no sign of it getting better any time soon. In fact things will likely get worse before they get better.

So, if you’re wondering why content has been inconsistent recently, it’s because my heart and mind have not been in it. I’m having a difficult time managing all this and so I’ve had to take a break from recording for awhile. Doom has been very supportive and understanding even though I know not putting out new content really sucks for him.

My hope is that in the next month or two we will be able to adjust to our new normal and maybe then I will be able to get my head back in the game. But until then we will put out content as often as possible, but our consistency will not be the best.

We do have a few episodes in the can from before all this shit started, so we will be cutting those and releasing them as time permits and recording new stuff when I can.

Thanks for understanding


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