TNB Commentaries 016: Bloodfeast (B-Movie May!)

blood_feast_poster_01Please turn off your cellphones and join the fellas as they kickoff B-Movie May by get bloody and go afeastin’ on lady legs..

For our 16th commentary, we limp back to 1963 for this OG splatterfest starring Connie Mason, Mal Arnold, William Kerwin!

We’re talking over the top acting, cheesy attempts at being super gory, and a razor thin story as one of us is flying without audio or subtitles and the other is drawn into the gorifically, gruesome, antics of Blood Feast!




URL: TNB Commentaries 016: Bloodfeast (B-Movie May!)
Direct Download:tnbc-016-bloodfeast.mp3

This has been a feature of TS-D/JA Productions and JJ2E Media 2017


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