Episode 022: We Talked About This Before

bdf5a43262a1514d87258e66f687278bIn this episode, things get Marvelous as 1 of the fellas civilly fights in a war of heroes and gives us a breakdown.

But first, jokes get told, fancy books get pimped, and they complain about the lack of fun in…everything!

Fitz takes Doom by the hand an tells him all about Cap 3 and that leads them to some comic talk.

Fitz gets personally offended by an internet series, and Doom whines about twitter.

No games this time, but lots of fun. So strap in an listen as these 2 earn the name of Nerd!

***Warning*** Doom is having a technical issue, bare with us as we try to figure it out.

URL: Episode 022: We Talked About This Before
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YouTube: https://youtu.be/L_i0GflQBdo

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