Episode 016.5: Gettin’ Some Strange

In this extra special episode, the fellas get together and hit the road to go see Doctor Strange (***SPOILER ALERT***)!

But before that, Doom has to complain about stupid online trends and the news, then they gossip like 2 little girls about a long rumored relationship from the mid 70’s.

When they come back from the movie (***SPOILER ALERT***) they talk about movie expenses, swearing, and bloody superheroes all within the context of this amazing spectacle of a movie.

Forgive the sound quality as we deliver all of that and so much more in this special road edition of The Nerd Blitz.

URL: Episode 016.5: Gettin’ Some Strange
Direct Download: tnb016_5.mp3
YouTube: https://youtu.be/vcInwU1kAEY

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