Now On Patreon

The Nerd Blitz w/ Doom & Fitz is now on Patreon.

We’ve set up several support tiers for anyone that might be interested in helping us create and share more NB content. 

Our monthly support goals are very modest because the last thing we want to do is give the impression that we’re taking our audience for a ride. 

By pledging a couple bucks to the show you will be helping to increase our hosting allowance so that we can release content more often than every 2 weeks. Our plans include the same bi-weekly show you’re accustomed to, but also the addition of The Nerd Blitz Book Club (bi-weekly), Comic Con…versations where we tackle comic book story arcs (monthly), and also TV and Film commentaries among other special projects. 

And there will be rewards! Mostly these will consist of early access to episodes but will eventually include exclusive content as well.

So, take a minute and check out our Patreon site and help us make even bigger fools of ourselves.