Episode 013: All Scooby Action

In this episode, grab your box of Scooby Snax cause it’s all Scooby action this go round!

But first, Doom gives a thank you to everybody that helped him out recently, it’s appreciated more than words can express.

After that, they dive deep into their reviews of issue 3 Scooby Apocalypse, then Fitz and Doom put their nuts on the table and make their own pitches for what they’d do if they were in charge of Scooby Apocalypse*, then they close out the show with Doom reviewing Scooby-Doo and WWE: Curse Of The Speed Demon!

All that and more in this fast paced episode of The Nerd Blitz With Doom And Fitz!

*Doom meant Jason Wyatt, not Wyatt Priestly. Please don’t take away his Scooby card, he trys real hard!

URL: Episode 013: All Scooby Action
Direct Download: tnb013.mp3
YouTube: https://youtu.be/Cmh0GoSwQKI

This has been a feature of TS-D/JA Productions and JJ2E Media 2016


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