TNB Commentaries 018: Ernest Scared Stupid (B-Movie May!)

519SJDMRGFL._SY445_Please turn off your cellphones and join the fellas as they bring you the stupid 3rd, and penultimate, installment of their hit marketing strategy, B-Movie May!

For our 18th commentary, we head to a fictional small town in Missouri 6 months after one of us was born in 1991 for this Jim Varney starring adventure.

Free Comics and termites are discussed, tickets are found, old children’s shows are remembered researched, and we discovered a mask maker, mask maker, still making masks, finding some finds, catching some catch…es…what?

Um…anywhooo…enjoy the movie!

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Star Wars: Kenobi Review

Since it was published, this book was proclaimed to be one of the best books of the EU.
Written by one of my favorite Star Wars authors, focusing on one of my favorite Star Wars characters, can it live up to that hype and my own personal expectations?
Patience, my very young Apprentice.
We’re about to find out.

As per usual, this is your official ***SPOILER WARNING***

I didn’t know too much about this going in, just that it was set almost immediately after Ep III and showed Obi-Wan settling into his new reality as a guardian of the future, of hope.
And that is definitely here, Obi-Wan has the weight of the entire galaxy on his shoulders, and at times it’s pitiable.
The moments of torment as he laments his former life make him even more sympathetic.
The working in of the alien accountant that was *Jabba* in the 1977 Marvel adaptation of the movie is perfect.
But there are 2 things I didn’t expect.
1. I didn’t expect Obi-Wan to almost be a background character.
2. I didn’t expect the arc of A’Yark (I’ll have more on this in a bit, hang tight).

Concerning the 1st point, I have read John Jackson Miller and others talk about why we really only see Obi-Wan from everybody else’s perspective, and I have to say it really annoyed me at 1st.
But the longer it goes, the better it works.
Seeing everybody else try to crack this nut is far more effective in maintaining mystery and looking at an iconic character than just jumping into his head.
It makes things more challenging for the writer and the audience, which in the end I dug.
I do love the 1 sided meditation conversations with Qui-Gon as an insight into Kenobi’s thought process, but more importantly I just love seeing the training Yoda set out for him in the closing moments of Revenge Of The Sith.

As for the 2nd unexpected point, A’Yark is a Tusken leader that we spend a surprising amount of time with.
Probably like most people, I went into this thinking that Tuskens were animalistic savages driven by rage and some unknown destructive need.
We go into the head of A’Yark and see something far more fascinating, a deep seeded superstition based on Tatooine’s twin suns.
We see some actual critical thinking, instead of base urge.
We learn about the history of the wrappings and look of Tuskens.
It’s great seeing how they’re treated vs how they really are, and learning how them and their attacks have effected and molded this community.

The worst part of this book is that it was a victim of the great EU Purge.
As seen above, JJM was walking between worlds, he was clearly tying all of his Star Wars works together.
But mentions of Duchess Satine and their relationship, which is official Canon, are examples of great moments of connectivity the Canon is currently missing.
Maybe if they do a Obi-Wan movie they’ll retread this territory (why would you do that!?), but stories like this, that could fit so well into the tapestry of the singular cohesive story, are now slightly depressing to read.

Overall, I love this book.
Maybe I’m easy to please, but there is so much to love.
If you want more insight into this legend of Lucas, read this book and hold out hope something like this comes around again and Miller gets to work on it.

TNB Commentaries 017: My Name Is Bruce (B-Movie May!)

mynameisbrucePlease turn off your cellphones and join the fellas as they continue B-Movie May in the most groovy way!

For our 17th commentary, we hold you hostage in a quaint little town called 2008 to watch this instant classic starring the King himself, Bruce Campbell!

You’re subjected to a Joke Corner, ball slobbering, over the top action and acting, and these two jack wagon’s making comments that anybody else would have the good sense not to let slip their lips.

The fun rolls on in part 2 of this month long celebration of cheese, gang!


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Episode 052: Wrestle Maniacs

243_GRR_04272018dg_5307--b66eadcc8a5c196be2ff027ef797e93fIn this Episode, the fellas kick off the show talking about local radio and the programming and personalities they grew up listening to.

After Joke Corner, they do a follow up to last year’s Episode 28 and take a deep dive into the current situation surrounding the legendary Undertaker, his recent bookings, and what the future may hold.

Also, future Joke Corners are teased, John Cena’s career path is discussed, somebody gets thrown under a bus, and they discuss something else from last year.

All that and so much more in this short, but stacked ep of your favorite unknown casted pod!

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TNB Commentaries 016: Bloodfeast (B-Movie May!)

blood_feast_poster_01Please turn off your cellphones and join the fellas as they kickoff B-Movie May by get bloody and go afeastin’ on lady legs..

For our 16th commentary, we limp back to 1963 for this OG splatterfest starring Connie Mason, Mal Arnold, William Kerwin!

We’re talking over the top acting, cheesy attempts at being super gory, and a razor thin story as one of us is flying without audio or subtitles and the other is drawn into the gorifically, gruesome, antics of Blood Feast!




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Episode 051: Off The Rails 6 – The Great Space Ghoster

MV5BOTQ1YWMyNjQtZWZmNy00YzJmLTg4YzctYmY2ZTI3YzBjN2I4XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjExODE1MDc@._V1_UY1200_CR74,0,630,1200_AL_In this episode, we gotta be honest, gang, Doom’s audio is dogshit, but as you’ll learn, it’s about to change soon.

But also, we take the tangents to a whole new level of Off The Raildom when we talk about Bellywashers, stealing back packs from 1st graders, and deaths on Sesame Street and in Villages full of People.

Some Scooby figures and DVDs are used as jumping off points for failing businesses and cartoons from the golden days of yore, so sit back and enjoy some sweet ass Nerd Blitz deviation, gang!


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Episode 050.5: The Original Prequel (or, TypeCast Volume 2)


In this episode, the fellas take their final trip back in time, to exactly 5 months before The Nerd Blitz was born!

After a brand new intro, Doom & Fitz take a deep dive into issue 17 of the original 1970’s Marvel Star Wars comic, in their 2nd proto podcast. Adventure? Huh. Excitement? Hmm A Jedi craves not these things…but we sure as hell do, and this episode is jam-packed with 23 pages or so of lightsaberless fun from that galaxy far far away.

Enjoy this look back, gang!

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